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Who We Are

Hi. I'm Benjy and I lead the visual media collective, Kwame Osei Studios. With 10years experience, our passion is to capture beautiful stories that are told by you. We are base in London and Surrey but we are more than happy to travel to where you are to capture your event.

I first dabbled in photography in 2009 on a University-sponsored trip to Botswana, where I was part of the social welfare team for an international summer camp. I decided that since I was going to such a beautiful country I was not going to miss the opportunity record such an adventure. Words were not going to do the wonders of the country and its people justice, so I had no other option but to invest in a camera and shoot as though there was no tomorrow.

Little did I know how much the bug would come to bite me. I fell in love with the power of making a moment in time last forever to the joy of the subject. Seeing people smile, laugh or even cry (with joy) continues to bring immense satisfaction. I would love to capture your story and hopefully continue to illicit those wonderful emotions from you, like the ones mentioned below

Carl Siobhan-5381.jpg

“Benjy could not have made our day more special if he tried. Rain or shine (literally) he gave over and above to help us get some special shots. The pictures are fabulous (especially the pictures in the rain)! So many special moments were captured and we are so thankful for this service. HIGHLY recommended!!”

Matt & Moyo

Matt & Moyo

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