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Changing the Narrative pt 2

I am blessed to see black excellence all around me. I am surrounded by strong black men and intelligent black women. My family has always reminded me about the power of excellence and the draw of authenticity. That I should never be afraid to be myself because it is hard work pretending to be someone else or having to second guess myself all the time and still fall short of people's expectations.

Nope. That's not for me.

As I've gotten older I have realised that only I can dictate my story and how it is told, so playing a different role not only wastes pages in what is the book of my life but also deprives the world of my unique existence. Come to think of it what a dreary, boring place the world would be if we all tried to play the same character.

So thank you to all those who I've grown up with, those who have helped shape my character, who have given me the confidence to be me and shape my own narrative.

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