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The importance of a good headshot

They say you never get a second chance at making a good 1st impression. That is also true even in a virtual space. With remote working becoming increasingly prevelant, the art of networking has to be also considered when operating digitally. Spaces like Linkedin and job boards like Glassdoor and Indeed provide great opportunities to reach out to new people without the need of a formal physical space.

With that said it is even more important to be able to establish yourself and build trust quickly with your new contact when you physically cannot be in the same space. This is where a good portrait can be of tremendous value.

Your picture is the representation of your persona online. It gives the viewer a sense of who you are in their minds eye. So as they read your message or even view your professional profile they can almost envisage your voice, its tone and its impact based on your image. Your body language can give an instant impression as to whether you are approachable, you carry authority, you are professional or are even an expert in your field.

We are naturally quick to form an impression of the people we meet, so let me help you form your best first impression by providing you with an impactful corporate headshot that will reflect you in your brightest light. For a limited time I will be offering 25% off on your headshots. Please visit and quote the discount code HEADSHOT25 in the subject line of our contact form. Offer lasts until May 31st so book now

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